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Running May 2014 - April 2015When Mr. Brown invites six of his dearest friends to a dinner party, they expect to paint the town red. However, once it's clear that blackmail is the name of the game, murder is added to the menu. So, who finally showed their true colors? Was Mr. Pine green with envy? Is the widowed Mrs. Snow as innocent as she seems? Did Senator Wheaton have the guts or was he too yellow-bellied for such an crime? Follow the clues and catch the killer red-handed in Clever By Half's newest murder mystery, HINT.

Actor Profile: Carmel Clavin

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Meet actor and booking coordinator Carmel Clavin in this episode of the Third Room, presented by Clever by Half Productions' artistic director Noah McBrayer Jones.

Actor Profile: Leigh Ellis

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This epsiode features an interview with Leigh Ellis by Clever by Half artistic director Noah McBrayer Jones. Find out how Leigh discovered the company and learn about a few of her favorite Clever by Half characters.

Podcast: The Last Seven Years

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The latest episode of our podcast, The Third Room, is now available! Join artistic director Noah McBrayer Jones for a blast through the past several years of Clever by Half productions' history and find out how we arrived where we are today.

Live Preview of CBH Murder Mystery Entertainment

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Once it's clear that blackmail is the name of the game, murder is added to the menu...

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Once Upon a Crime
Ding dong, the witch is dead. But, which one of Fairyland's usual suspects is to blame?

Most Likely to Decease
High school may be a pain, but reunions can be murder.

One Life to Lose
Murder hits the small screen at this Hollywood bash.

Murder of Convention
Murder is no fantasy at ShenCon I, the brand new SciFi convention.

'Til Death do us Part
Not all weddings are fairytales, some end in happily ever...murder.

Sudden Death
Someone's time expires at the premiere of a new game show.

Mountain of Crime
One of these mafiosos was made an offer that he shouldn't have refused.